Fuck: /v1/fuck

A gif with a "Fuck You" message.

Hug: /v1/hug

Anime hug gif.

Kiss: /v1/kiss

Anime kiss gif.

Slap: /v1/slap

Anime slap gif.

Smug: /v1/smug

Anime smug gif.

Stare: /v1/stare

Anime stare gif.

Spin: /v1/spin

Anime finger spin gif.

Poke: /v1/poke

Anime poke gif.

Bite: /v1/bite

Anime bite gif.

Hit/Attack/German Suplex: /v1/hit

Anime attack gif.

Pat: /v1/pat

Anime pat gif.

Lick: /v1/lick

Anime lick gif.

Respect (salute): /v1/f

Anime respect gif.

Hand Holding: /v1/lewd

Anime respect gif.

WTF: /v1/wtf

Anime WTF gif.

FBI: /v1/fbi

FBI open up gif.

OwO: /v1/owo

OwOify your text. Supports both get and post methods (with the parameter "message").

Fellatio: /v1/fellatio

Hentai fellatio gif.

Paizuri: /v1/paizuri

Hentai paizuri gif.

Tentacle: /v1/tentacle

Hentai tentacle gif.

Boobs: /v1/booba

Hentai booba gif.

Hentai: /v1/hentai

Hentai gifs which haven't been sorted into separate endpoints yet.